The Backstory of ``WITCH``

“WITCH” is set in a semi-fantasy world where a war between a living god and those that possess magic has continued for over a century. While the mages were able to show their own strengths at the beginning, their numbers have dwindled and they’ve almost lost all hope. The god, named Alecian, rules with a kind hand but strikes with an iron fist against those that oppose him. Having walked the earth for hundreds of years and possessing great powers and abilities, it’s widely believed that he brought magic to the world as a gift, only to see it abused and even used against him. At one point, the world was rich with magic, but Alecian’s retaliation has left a deep fear in all witches and wizards.

Alecian’s following allowed him to amass an army of fiercely loyal soldiers, proud to serve the being that has ensured they never want for anything. Vythica is a soldier who grew up close to his throne by way of her father, an advisor to Alecian. While she remains faithful to him, she struggles with a secret that could lead to her execution.

Vythica is a witch.

Her loyalty to Alecian has allowed her to believe that if she had magic but never used it, she would be honoring his wishes. Learning to be a soldier and a leader without her powers, she rose through the ranks to become a commander to her own elite army. When she is sent to persuade cities to bend their knee in service to Alecian, they do so by choice or force. Any mages found in the city are executed immediately.

Vythica has always felt conflicted over killing those like her, but she still believes that not using her powers put her on the right side of the conflict. During a fateful battle against a stronghold protecting mages, she’s forced into a choice she never thought she would have to make: risk her life and the life of her soldiers, or use the magic she’s hidden away her entire life to turn the tide of battle.

Unleashing her power, she devastates the opposing forces, causing the surviving mages to flee.  Before having a chance to realize what has happened, her own soldiers have turned on her.  They know what she is.  When they demand she returns with them to see Alecian, she breaks free and escapes on her horse, knowing if she goes with them it would be to her own death.  After hours of riding, she comes across an abandoned town, taking refuge.

While Vythica is hiding, word has spread of a powerful commander in the Capitol Military that possesses magic, and begin to seek her out.  For the first time in a long time, mages have a reason to hope.  Vythica befriends another witch and comes to realize she has been on the wrong side of this fight for too long.  Vowing to undo the damage she’s done and stand up to fight for those like her, she meets other mages and those that support them, many who join her resistance, all of them fighting for their right to live.