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Dreamhack Dallas: Thoughts and Recap

At the end of May, we were invited to showcase Witch at Dreamhack Dallas. The event was one I had never been to, but we had heard good things from others that had attended. Our team worked diligently to prepare a combat demonstration to have for the event and everyone went above and beyond to make sure we were ready to go, or at least as ready as we could be.

Even if I had 3 pages of changes and fixes that we needed to do by the end of Day 1.

The response was incredible. We were humbled by the responses that weren’t just positive, but were incredibly interested in what we were doing. The demo worked great, but our “challenge mode” was proving to be too difficult. Of the 40 or 50 that attempted it, only 3 were successful in day one, and unfortunately we over-corrected until it was too easy for the remaining days. Still, people were genuinely intrigued by our presentation, and I only wish the rest of the team was here to hear the praise people had for all parts involved.

We also met numerous devs that we quickly became friendly with. We were across the aisle from Mane6 and their game “Them’s Fightin’ Herds”, a project I’ve followed for years. I’d sneak over to play a round whenever there was a lull in the crowd. We also met the incredible teams behind Last Epoch, Super Animal Royale, and Alluris (congrats on winning the pitch contest!) and even found a student’s simulation game about running a dog shelter that has a lot going for it. I highly recommend checking out their games and while I sadly cannot find the card for the dog shelter sim, the moment I find it I’ll share it on Twitter.

A huge thanks to Dreamhack Dallas and the Dallas IGDA for giving us the opportunity to set up and showcase. It was exhausting, it was incredible, and we can’t wait to do it again. It’s possible we may have the whole team together for Dreamhack Atlanta, and we have other major events we’ve submitted for in the future, so we may be coming to a city near you with an even bigger and better demo!

-Ben Cross
Founder | Lead Developer

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