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As many of you may have heard, we were officially selected to showcase “Witch” at Tokyo Game Show, happening in Tokyo, Japan! We’re both excited and terrified, bringing a JRPG to the home of the JRPG genre, but everyone is working to make sure we bring over the best presentation we can!

Sept 12th and 13th are considered “Business Days”, and are only open to industry professionals and the media/press. We’ll be directly interacting with developers, publishers, and other companies deeply involved in game development, making connections and possibly forging the future of “Witch”.

We have updated the demo, squashed a few bugs, and most importantly, added Japanese localization to the entire demo. We’re also taking an info booklet with breakdowns of the story, gameplay, and characters, again both in Japanese and English, including our new character art.

For those attending, we will be located in the indie showcase area, along with many other devs with some amazing games. Our new programmer will also be there showcasing their game, “Shores Unknown”. Keep an eye on our YouTube for video updates about our journey overseas and the first time “Witch” is seen outside the US!

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