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What is “Witch”?

“Witch” is…

“Witch” is an indie JRPG and the flagship game of Heartstrings Studios, heavily influenced by our love of the classic games from the genre, while mixing our own unique approaches to core mechanics, gameplay, and storytelling.

Currently we are in the early alpha stages of development.  Release date is expected to be late 2021, but may change as needed based upon development.


A Cast of Witches

An all-female team of playable characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities, with magic at the core.

Redesigned "Classes"

Our non-typical magic using classes have been completely redesigned to utilize magic, like an Engineer who uses telekinetic magic to build intricate gadgets on the fly. Even our typical magic classes have been reworked to fit each character, including a Floramancer who is able to control nature and plant life around her.

2D in 3D

Witch is presented as a 2D in 3D approach with beautifully rendered worlds and high quality pixel character sprites give a perfect balance of nostalgia and modern visuals.

Every Story is Important

Through a deep focus on storytelling and character building, every character has a story to tell, and their own connections they form throughout the game.

City-Building Engine

Rebuild a war-torn town into a Sanctuary for mages with our city-building system.  Watch as your decisions directly affect a safe haven that becomes a stronghold.

Automated City Building Option

Don't want to worry about building your city? Automate the rebuilding process to enjoy the story without worry of managing Sanctuary. The choice of how you play is yours to make.

Fully Voice Acted

Full voice acting for scenes and dialogue with a cast ranging from untapped talent to industry professionals, bringing the characters and world to life.

More To Be Announced!

As development continues, more will be announced about Witch and it's features. Follow us on social media or come back often to see the updates and new additions to the game!

Release Info:

Our current expected date of release is late 2021.  We are currently in the process of requesting developer access to release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, and have a Steam page where we are set to release.

A kickstarter/crowdfunding is expected to happen either late 2019 or early 2020.