“The Magic of Love” April Fools Trailer

On April 1st we released the best, worst thing we could think of: a trailer for a gender-bent otome-style dating sim.  While this was a long-running joke behind the scenes, we decided to try and put this together literally days before it’s release, and we couldn’t be happier (or more apologetic).

In an even better twist of roles, Kimmie Britt (voice actor for Vythica) and Vincent Fallow (voice actor for Alecian) switch roles, playing Allie and Vyth respectively.

So enjoy the trailer for WITCH: The Magic of Love in all it’s glory!  While this is likely the start and end point for this joke, you never know what the future may bring.


Allie – Kimmie Britt
Mads: Jak Janeski
Mana: Juan Zaragoza III
Cyan: Joe Lambert
Marlow / Reno: Duffy Weber
Leo: Connor Myers
Vyth: Vincent Fallow