Why are all playable characters female?

This was not by design, not initially.  When the game was in it’s early stages, the first four characters ended up being female, so to try and balance, we wrote a character that was intended to be male. After heavy consideration, it felt that the character fit better as female, and we decided to stick with an all female team.  Originally, the title of “WITCH” was meant to represent what Vythica is, but now we feel it better represents the entire team.

What inspired the game?

A love of the classic story-driven JRPGs that stuck with us for years and years after we finished them, and a desire to tell a story that we feel is worth telling.  The entire team grew up with, and are massive fans of, the JRPG genre and are excited to come together and create our own game, hoping that we can give people the same long-lasting memories that we’ve been given.

Are there any political, sociological, or religious messages or meanings intended in the game?

While the game does have many elements that may mirror real world events, movements, and ideologies, the game itself is a “what if” built upon the world itself.  There is no intended correlation to anything outside of the game itself. Everything is the cause of events leading up to those moments.

What is the purpose of every main character having magic?

The short answer was because it was a challenge.  The longer answer is that it felt like a unique approach to the idea of the “job class” system you’d see in many RPGs.  To take every archetype class and strip them down to their basics, then rebuild them with the idea of magic being present, was entertaining to us and we’re happy with how it turned out.  We even took normal magic-based classes and worked them into specializations, expanding the way that magic is used in the game and offering a more unique approach.

Is the story about Vythica, with the others supporting her?

We want to focus on everyone’s story.  We feel they each have a story to tell and they all have been impacted in their own ways.  Vythica may be the spark that lights the fire, but she isn’t the only one keeping it lit. My intent is to have every character resonate with a story and a purpose, not leaving anyone behind.

Why are the female mages fighting rather than male mages?

While the answer was originally  “just because the story calls for it”, we realized in these situations if anything happens to the witches that go out to attack, or if Sanctuary is attacked while they are away, they would want strong, able bodied soldiers and villagers to be able to protect and fight back.  Vythica feels that if they do fail, they want to give the others the best chance at survival. Plus, many are helping rebuild the city.

What is the purpose of the city-building aspect of Sanctuary?

Sanctuary serves a two-fold purpose in the game.  First, it serves as a central hub for the resistance against Alecian.  It allows a safe haven for mages and their allies, and gives everyone something to fight to protect.  As that resistance grows, so should the city. However, the second purpose it then serves is to correct an issue many RPGs have, where as you go further in a game, the weapons and items get stronger.  A poor mining village 20 hours in the game somehow has vastly superior weapons to the prosperous castle town you start in? Doesn’t add up. This will allow the city to grow as you play, and give you bigger and better offerings of items, armor, weapons, and more.

Is the story about Vythica, with the others supporting her?

As a way to keep characters from getting too under-leveled and left behind, a player will be able to send characters on missions to accomplish tasks.  Their success will be based on who you send, how many you send, and how skilled they are. To better your odds, you may send a witch with them and they will gain XP, as well as increase chances for victory.  Some characters increase your success rate, others increase chances for finding rare items or even new and helpful villagers. But at all times will you see everyone serve a purpose.

Will there be any replayability or randomization to the game?

The city building aspect and the mission system will provide new and unique ways for every player.  Some may receive items that others will never encounter. Others may unlock a character that can craft specialized items.  Randomly generated dungeons provide a way to break up the monotonous grind.

How does magic “work” in this world? How is it gained?

Magic, much like a musical instrument, can be learned by those possessing enough talent to properly use it.  Some may never know if they have magic. Others may require mass amounts of training and studying to hone their craft.  Many choose to work directly with how their magic first reveals itself. Yet some are prodigies of magic, able to do master level magic at a very young age.  There are many beliefs of what magic really is, how it came to be, and how it affects the world and all the people in it, but no one is fully sure. However, the more extreme a person’s current state, the stronger their power seems to be in magic, boosting their capacity at the risk of it being more unstable.

Who is Alecian, and what motivates him to outlaw magic and execute mages?

Alecian is believed to be a living god, having existed for hundreds of years and being far more powerful than any mage has ever been.  He’s worshiped and beloved by those that serve him, and in return, he treats his people with kindness and civility.  He claims that magic was given to this world as a gift, but has been abused or misused too much, especially by those that do not appear grateful for what he’s offered.  Over time, his reign began to grow, and cities that refused to bend to his will would be taken by force, removing their leadership and replacing it with someone more willing to appease Alecian’s needs.  Mages and opposing cities began to rise up against him, though none were ever successful in their attempts.  In retaliation, Alecian has called for a banishment of magic, and the execution of anyone that uses it.  A war erupts between Alecian and the cities not under his control, as well as the mages and their supporters that now find their lives on the line.

How does magic being outlawed affect the world?

At first, only those in cities under Alecian’s control were at risk.  With the ever-expanding influence of his reign, his army and his worshippers began to grow, as more cities bent their knee by choice or by force.  At the beginning of the game, magic has been outlawed for over a century, but has only in the last few years begun to rapidly move out in an attempt to take over the entirety of the known world.  There are still many cities and towns that accept mages, but those are disappearing rapidly.