Why are all playable characters female?

This was not by design, not initially.  When the game was in it’s early stages, the first four characters ended up being female, so to try and balance, we wrote a character that was intended to be male. After heavy consideration, it felt that the character fit better as female, and we decided to stick with an all female team.  Originally, the title of “WITCH” was meant to represent what Vythica is, but now we feel it better represents the entire team.

What inspired the game?

A love of the classic story-driven JRPGs that stuck with us for years and years after we finished them, and a desire to tell a story that we feel is worth telling.  The entire team grew up with, and are massive fans of, the JRPG genre and are excited to come together and create our own game, hoping that we can give people the same long-lasting memories that we’ve been given.

Are there any political, sociological, or religious messages or meanings intended in the game?

While the game does have many elements that may mirror real world events, movements, and ideologies, the game itself is a “what if” built upon the world itself.  There is no intended correlation to anything outside of the game itself. Everything is the cause of events leading up to those moments.

What is the purpose of every main character having magic?

The short answer was because it was a challenge.  The longer answer is that it felt like a unique approach to the idea of the “job class” system you’d see in many RPGs.  To take every archetype class and strip them down to their basics, then rebuild them with the idea of magic being present, was entertaining to us and we’re happy with how it turned out.  We even took normal magic-based classes and worked them into specializations, expanding the way that magic is used in the game and offering a more unique approach.

Is the story about Vythica, with the others supporting her?

While Vythica is the catalyst to many of the events that happen in game, every main character is important to us.  They all have a story to tell and a reason to fight.  While Vythica may have been the spark that lit the fire, she’s not the only one keeping it lit.  Our intention is to have every character resonate with the overall story, as well as their own purposes to exist as part of it, and not leave anyone behind or make any character seem like “filler”.